About us

Chariot Manufacturing Company has made a commitment to manufacture products within the use of the FRP Industry. The current Chariot products have been proven over and over throughout the last 30 Years. The founder kept his eye on the requirements that the motorcycle rider requested. The company spent over $700,000 in 1995 to upgrade products and expand its product line. With the 1995
upgrades the company did not make any changes with it’s products up to the sale of the Company. In October of 2003 the founder sold the company to American Commerce Solutions, a publicly traded company based in central Florida .

New management in place, under the direction of Ken McCleave, has established new requirements and opportunities from the power sport industry. The mission has been to design new products around a proven product; not an easy task. Chariot’s 30+ years of proven use were not to be compromised. Over the past 3 years, the new management team has made changes around the existing tooling. The emphasis was placed on improving the overall looks and the ability to make all the trailers easier to manufacture.

The process starts with:

  1. Will the idea work ?
  2. Will the buyer buy the new design?
  3. Will it work under testing?
  4. Will it cut down the time and material to build the product?
  5. Build the new designs and tooling within budget.
  6. The new designs must allow the company diversity to other industries.
  7. The new changes must impact the bottom line to make more profit.

Our team has been able to complete the process, with 74 tools – molds trim fixtures complete and an additional 32 tools and molds that are scheduled out over the next year.

This will allow Chariot to continue to be number 1 within the power sport Industry. The pictures below will give you a snapshot of the dedication –design – and sometimes the frustration to build the new Chariot.

11-0 Liner “Plug”

Top of 11-0 Liner