Cycle Sled 9

The Cycle Sled 9 has everything you could hope for in single bike open transport. Designed from years of experience to carry any bike from a full dresser to a sport bike with one person, no stress, ride on loading. The unique fiberglass body has a molded wheel chock for your cycle’s front tire or an optional self-standing bike chock is available.

The chassis features 2″ tubular steel frame hidden from view. It rides on a “TorflexTM” independent rubber cushion suspension with E-Z LubeTM grease system and high speed automotive bearings. The eight standard forged, galvanized eyebolts are sealed through the body and secured to the frame with locknuts.

The expanded metal load ramp simply slides under the body for secure, out of the way, storage. Its 39″ width allows you to put your feet down at any stage of ride on loading. The crank up removable tongue jack and rubber wheel makes hitching a snap and allows you to easily maneuver the trailer and bike like a 3 wheel cart. The 13″ powder coated rims and E-Z LubeTM grease systems rounds out the standard CS 9 package.

Interior Length8' 2"
Inside Width3' 4"
Inside Height10"
Outside Length10-6"
Outside Width4' 10"
Out Side Height12"
Base Weight325
Tongue Weight35 Lbs
Hitch Ball2"
Ball Height16"
Axle GVWR (all axles torflex)1900
Number of Axles1
Body Load Capacity1575
Brakes - Electricn/a
Tire Size155/80x13
Tire size Option175/80R13
Rear Door Ramp Standard39"x 35"
Ramp Door Opening Option wide doorn/a
Ramp Door Opening Option xtra wide doorn/a
Exterior thickness side walls3/4"
Floor Thickness7/8"
Nose JackIncluded
Safety ChainsIncluded
Eye Bolts8
Rear Stabilizer JacksIncluded
Bike ChocksOption
Storage Box Tonguen/a

Other optional equipment includes the unique wraparound fairing with a reverse lip which protects the bike from road debris, the heavy duty security eye bolt to chain your bike to the body and you can add custom colors and graphics which gives a match or custom look to your outfit. The Cycle Sled 9 has rear stabilizer jacks to allow loading bikes on the trailer without being hooked to the tow vehicle.

Specifications: Open Sled 9

  • 1 Full Dress Bike Carrier
  • Dimensions Overall: H 12″ W 4′-10” L10′-6″
  • Deck Size: H 10″. W 3′ 4″ L 8′ 2″
  • Base Weight: 325 lbs Tongue Weight:35 lbs
  • Body Load Capacity: 1575 lbs
  • Axle Capacity: 1900 lbs “E-Z Lube Axle”
  • Standard Ball Height : 16″ w 2″ ball required
  • Rear Stabilizer Jacks Load without Tow Vehicle
  • 8 Forged Eyebolts, for Tie Downs
  • Underbody 39″ X 35″ Steel Load Ramp
  • Electro-coated 13″ Wheels with 175/80R13 Tire
  • Roller Tongue Jack with Rubber Wheel
  • New 2007 Ride On Wheel Chock Available

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